The preliminary version of the complete program is now available for download (last update on 2023/06/14).

Download the Final version of the Program

Regular sessions will feature up to eight presentations with a duration of 15 minutes (12 min for the talk and 3 min for the discussion).

Global Overview of the Program:

 Mon 19.06Tue 20.06Wed 21.06
09:00—09:30Opening sessionParallel Session IVParallel Session VII
09:30—10:00Plenary Session I
10:30—11:00Coffee breakCoffee breakCoffee break
11:00—12:30Parallel Session IParallel Session V
+ PhD Olympiads
Parallel Session V
+ PhD Olympiads
14:00—14:00Parallel Session IIParallel Session VIPlenary Session III
15:00—15:30Round Table
15:30—16:00Coffee breakCoffee break
16:00—16:30Parallel Session IIIPlenary Session II
16:30—17:00Closing session
17:00—17:30Networking Activities 
17:30—18:00Welcome Reception
 Conference BanquetPub Crawl